Local Marketing for Facebook, could this affect you?

Local Marketing for Facebook, could this affect you?

How could the local marketing for facebook affect on you

10 Things to Know Before Embarking on Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective method for generating leads and boosting sales. But it’s not as simple as blasting the same message to hundreds of random email addresses. It takes thought, thorough planning, and a smart strategy.

Email Marketing Facts and Stats

Before you can begin your email marketing campaign, you need to have a firm grasp on why you’re doing it and how to be effective. To that end, here are 10 things that are good to know before you embark on this journey.

  1. Email was found to be the most effective digital marketing strategy in 2014. Even with social media booming, people still value email as an effective B2C and B2B communication method.
  2. Getting permission to send emails is crucial for avoiding the spam folder. Do this with an opt-in program.
  3. Offering something of value in exchange for email addresses is much more successful than simply asking people to sign up for your newsletter.
  4. Half of people questioned responded that they read the majority of emails they receive. This goes to show there is still value in email marketing.
  5. Most emails are read on mobile devices. This means your formatting and design must be mobile-friendly. If your messages aren’t easily read on tablets and smart phones, then they’re likely to be deleted.
  6. Click-through-rates (CTR) are found to be higher when the recipient’s first name is used in the subject line. It adds a personal touch to the email and makes it appear less like spam.
  7. Most people prefer to open messages that contain intriguing or fun images, instead of text only. This small touch can make a huge difference in the success of your campaign.
  8. Of all the days of the week, Saturday has the highest CTR. Automation has made it possible to schedule emails in advance – meaning you can reach your audience during this prime time without having to actually work on a weekend.
  9. Targeting matters. Today’s consumer is sophisticated. He or she quickly filters through messages that hold nothing of value. Customizing emails for your audience according to their individual needs and desires is the best way to get a positive ROI.
  10. Consistency is key. The trick to a successful email campaign is sending continuous messages (all relevant and useful, so as to avoid spamming) to your audience at each step of the buying cycle. Top-of-mind awareness is just as important as ever.

Making Email Marketing Work for You

With these useful facts serving as your road map, you’re ready to embrace email marketing and begin your adventure. Just remember, anything worth doing takes a little time and a lot of effort. You may need to try a few different strategies before finding one that resonates with the target audience in your particular niche.

At WebMobileFusion, we know all about creating email campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your readers – and on your bottom line. Reach out to us today to learn how we can make email marketing work for your business.

Your Quick-Tip Guide To Twitter

Twitter is a useful resource for digital marketers, but it tends to be a bit more difficult to master than Facebook. Not knowing Twitter best practices can not only decrease your results, but it can also cause you to develop a bad reputation on the site. This leads people to unfollow you, and hurts your digital marketing efforts.

Because we care about the growth of your business, we’ve compiled a list of ten quick tips to help you make the most of your Twitter marketing efforts.

Understand the pros and cons.

Twitter isn’t for everyone. With all the social networks available, it’s important to choose the one(s) that’s right for your business. Do a little research to determine if Twitter seems to be working for other companies in your industry.

Listen first, talk second.

The idea behind Twitter is that it’s a place to have real conversations. Before you spout out any ol’ that comes to mind, pay attention to the topics that are trending (Twitter makes this easy by displaying trending topics in a column to the left of your feed). Provide content that adds value to existing conversations.

Space out your tweets.

Research has shown that the most effective voices on Twitter post around three or four tweets per day. If you’re like most people, you probably devote an hour (or less) to social media for your business each day.

But because Twitter works in real-time, if you send all your content out at once, it will only be seen by people who are on at that exact moment. Consider using a service that allows you to schedule multiple tweets ahead of time.

Pay attention to your audience.

Timing and subject matter depend largely on your audience. Spend some time just “watching” Twitter to determine when your target demographic is the most active and what topics they’re discussing.

Avoid constant self-promotion.

Too much self-promotion is the fastest route to “unfollow” land. Remember the purpose of Twitter: to engage, not to sell.

Create helpful lists.

Twitter allows you to create lists of people you’re interested in. Create a list of professionals in your industry and make it public. This way, the professionals will notice you, and other people can access your list, as well. It portrays you as a good resource of for information.

Don’t tweet “at” people unless it’s relevant.

If you’re familiar with Twitter at all, then you know that you can mention someone specifically by using “@” followed by their handle. This is fine, as long as what you’re sharing is relevant. Avoid the mistake of Tweeting at people too frequently; it’s a huge turn-off.

“Favorite” tweets in moderation.

When you see a tweet you like, you can “favorite” it. It’s similar to Facebook’s “like” button. Use this only in moderation, lest you become stalker-ish.

Don’t share too much personal stuff.

Twitter differs from Facebook in that it’s used much more often for business than pleasure. That said, avoid describing your child’s embarrassing potty training moments or your bad hair day.

A little bit of this every once in awhile is okay – it adds character. But use sparingly!

Do more than retweet.

Like we mentioned above, Twitter is about contributing value to conversations. Retweeting epic tweets occasionally is great; just be sure to frequently add your own content to the mix.


We hope you’ve found this list helpful. Reach out to us when you’re ready to take the next step toward digital marketing success.

The Shopper Mobile App Development Release (March 2015)

Introducing the new Mobile Application with The Shopper and WebMobileFusion. Coming this March we will be releasing the All New mobile Application for Android and Apple devices.

Find out more about the App here..

Mobile Technology for Churches – Are you taking advantage?

How many Churches do you know in this day and age that are taking mobile marketing seriously? Not many, and many have not even thought of a mobile strategy.

Too many times Churches and Organizations are skeptical and very cautious to take the next step into the unknown. So we are going to help you break down the Myths, clearly think of a strategy and give you some costing guidelines around Mobile.

So does your Church have a Mobile Strategy?

Are you trying to make sense of it all with the Text (SMS) marketing, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Commerce? Do you have a credible source that you can rely on that will give you the pertinent details on what direction you should go in? Well if you are going to make a splash in the Mobile marketplace you better start seriously thinking about that as we speak. Is your church moving away from printed materials like Bulletins, Sermon Notes, etc? Now you can offer these directly on your mobile Application that will allow any Church or organization to reach their congregation, and keep them informed as to what is going on. Just imagine if someone new comes into the congregation and they are embarrassed to stand up or ask someone to pray with them. Now you can have them download your mobile app, and choose to have someone contact them privately? There are many uses for mobile in your organization, but you just need to know how to put a marketing plan together. Let’s say that Pastor would like to share his sermon notes with the congregation along with daily scripture lessons. He can have the congregation text Church to 55655 and that individual will be added to a mobile marketing list and your Pastor or his assistant can send out brief little text messages daily to inspire the congregation. service-media-webmobilefusion What about a mobile App? Have you thought about having an App developed that can keep all of your content in the palm of your congregations hands? Mobile Apps are a way to keep your message contained in the organization and also share videos, sermon notes, information about services and the church itself and to help share blogs and send push notifications. How about Mobile Commerce do you know what that is? Now anyone from your church can signup to Give via your mobile app or the mobile web from their phones. With the invent of the Bible by YouVersion you can read the bible in the palm of your hand. Did you also know that you can have live sermon notes? Imagine if you could have Church members make their monthly, weekly or one time donations to the Church via their mobile device? Introducing Mobile Commerce or Text to give which is already built into many systems. If your Organization is not taking advantage of this trend that is happening all over the globe you are missing out on some golden opportunities to connect with church members that visit your church location. This will allow you to keep them engaged in your messages and also send out timely information for community involvement. Don’t allow mobile Commerce, Mobile Websites and Apps, to pass you by and leave your Congregation wanting more.     Does this information have you thinking how you can expand your Churches reach with Mobile?  


How Mobile Marketing can help your business


Mobile Marketing

What is mobile Marketing and how can it help your business? There are customers that you are missing out on just because you do not have a mobile presence. Did you know that over 86% of the people are leaving your website when they see that its not mobile enabled? So what are you going to do about it.

We are working with local businesses in the McDonough Georgia area on taking their Mobile presence to the next level. Do you think you will land more people searching on their mobile devices for you? Do you think you can reach the masses via Mobile coupons and QR codes?

Are you confused with all the lingo? Well make sure you contact us so that we can do a Free evaluation of your business.