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5 Leadership principles I learned from Corporate America

I remember the exact day when after 8 years of working at Georgia-Pacific in Downtown Atlanta my tenure at the company had come to an end. I came to work that day with things to do and work on my mind but little did I know it would be my last. Imagine pulling up to your desk and settling into your cubicle for the day and you hear a knock on your cube, you spin around to see your Boss & Human Resources. I would like to share with you the 5 Leadership traits I learned in 8 years at Georgia Pacific.

When I spun around I immediately knew my time had ended, like anyone would right? So I grabbed my Blackberry and headed to the conference room. I was sitting in the conference room with Human Resources and my Boss with paperwork they wanted me to sign, to inform me that my services were no longer needed there. It was a harsh reality that to this day really haunts me. Nevertheless, before that day the previous 8 years I learned 5 Leadership traits that would help me start our company called WebMobilefusion.

Leadership Principle #1

Put God first in everything that you do – This principle is the most important as a Business Owner because I learned from Corporate America that not every company wants you to give God the glory and shun upon you praying, using God’s name or anything. I learned that in order for my company to be successful I was going to have to put God first because he blessed me with the thoughts, and abilities to build a start-up company and build relationships with him first that sets the foundation of our Businesses. As Business owners, each of us should make sure that our plans are solidified by Biblical teachings.

Leadership Principle #2

Learn from your previous mistakes – Its inevitable in business that you are going to make some mistakes. While I was in the Corporate setting I was blessed to be able to make so many mistakes in some of the decisions I made because it helped me as a Business owner to grow from those mistakes and learn how not to make those very same mistakes in business for myself. If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you will be making the same mistakes over and over again and never learning how to correct them.

Leadership Principle #3

Let your team members lead in their strengths – What I learned in this area was that I needed to allow all the team members that work with me to lead in their own strengths. In Corporate America, there was so much micro-management going on that is suffocated team members that eventually caused them to feel insecure about their job responsibilities and eventually either quit or were let go because of the lack of trust. If your employees are strong in a particular area, let them work and thrive in that area and don’t stunt their growth. Your employees may make mistakes, but as long as you have a growth plan in place for each team member you will survive.

Leadership Principle #4

Build relationships in the Community that surrounds you – This was one of the first things I did when I started WebMobileFusion and that was to build relationships in the Community. I did that by immediately joining the Chamber of Commerce in my local area, and joining some local Civic networking groups and Organizations in order for people to get to know, trust and like me as an individual and to get a feel of who I truly was and what we could ultimately provide for their company.

Leadership Principle #5

Help Others – One of the main focus areas and not in this particular order was to help others that needed help no matter if I had the skill to do so or not. One thing I could do is help to point them in the right direction they needed to go in. So that would ultimately mean if my Company WebMobileFusion was not a good fit for an individual I would refer them to someone else. I learned this principle very early on in my Career, that sometimes we can’t help everyone, but somebody else could be a perfect fit for them.

Our goal at WebMobileFusion is to help Business owners succeed using Online Marketing. That could mean learning how to implement a Social Media strategy for their Business, or learning how to generate leads from your website, or turning your offline marketing materials into lead generating tools for your Business.

Question: What is one Leadership principle you would like to share?