Can you get Instant Results via SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When you look at Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business and someone tells you that its going to be instant, please run the other way immediately because that is so far from the truth. Many Business owners are sucked into the fact that the marketing individual will promise them the world and then run for the hills after they are paid. As a matter of fact, many business owners are emailed, called, texted, or visited in person by someone claiming to help them get on the search engine rankings immediately.

I want to share with you 5 quick tips that you will need to do in order to increase your Search Engine Optimization rankings or (SEO) as its called for short. The question is can you get instant results from SEO and my answer is not really. You are going to have to have someone put in the work in order to get you where you need to be on the Search Engines. Really, If I were you I would make sure I am ready to invest at least 6 months to a year just to get your marketing right and optimized properly. Then with consistent effort you will rise on the search engines.

Quick SEO Tips:

  1. Off Site SEO Analysis – This is a very important factor for your Local Business website which include things like optimizing your Site Pages Indexed which tells you how many pages of your website the Search Engines are able to crawl. If your pages can’t be crawled by the search engines there will be no SEO happening for you.
  2. Site Authority – Google introduced something called Google Authorship you can find out more about at that link. However your website needs to have Authority on the internet. The image below is a Free Scan I did for a client of mine and it shows there Authority as non-existent. It takes time to build authority but it  you put out great content the search engines will eventually find you. It just takes time for that to happen. Also included in this algorithm is something called (Inbound Links). I will cover Inbound linking in another blog post but this is where you have links from other websites linking to your domain that have High Authority on the Internet. Are you apart of your Local Chamber of Commerce? (Hint)
  3. On-Site SEO – Here is another critical piece to your marketing efforts and onsite SEO will help you target the right customers for your business through your main website. Now one word of caution for you. If you are an Insurance Agent, Realtor or Marketer that has a company provided website, they are great for Domain Authority, but they lack the necessary flexibility to optimize your website. So it you are working with a Marketing company make sure you get a Landing page that can help you with On-Site SEO purposes and drive traffic. Here are some of the factors involved in On-Site SEO  (Page Titles, Meta Keywords and Description, Heading tags, Robots.txt and Landing pages.
  4. Local Directory Listings – These are very important to your business success because they are out there for you to claim them. If you have not claimed them, or at least, tried to update your information you could be missing out on Tons of calls for your business. Individuals are searching the Internet at a frenzied pace in your local market and if they can’t find you guess what? You won’t get ANY calls at all, but it takes effort and time.
  5. Local Social Media Effort – Yes, what about your Social Media efforts? Are you getting anywhere with it? Well its is also a major factor of how your Business is perceived online. You must maintain a constant flow and effort when posting on Social Media because believe it or not, when engaged your customers will flock to your business and content immediately and that is where instant local traffic can come from. If you are not active on at-least one Social Media site, you could be hurting your business efforts.

So those are just quick overviews of 5 critical areas that you need to focus on for your SEO rankings. Its not easy but its better than you do them consistently.

Question: Are you taking advantage of all these ares of Marketing for your Business?

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