How Digital Marketing & the Spartan Sprint have similarities

When a few guys from Church challenged me to participate in the Spartan Sprint a few years ago now, I don’t think any of us really expected what we got, and for me, how it would relate to Digital Marketing. I know personally speaking I learned so many lessons during that sprint and I want to share a few of them with you. With all of the jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing, rolling, and using muscles that I didn’t know I had helped me clarify a few things that I believe will help you or your Organization with your digital marketing efforts.

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How to Use Memes to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence on Social Media

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If you’ve ever been on social media, then you’re sure to have encountered a meme or two or more.

Meme have become an extremely popular media online because of how easy they are to share and relate to–and the fact they’re so easily shared means a meme can snowball quickly into going viral worldwide online.

Knowing how to market a meme and use it to grow your brand and business online is a key strategy for social media marketers. Memes can be turned into easy advertisements and campaigns for any business as long as you know how to engage your target audience with them. While memes aren’t the life-saver answer for everyone, it’s definitely something worth exploring the use of for your own online business on social media. There are things to keep in mind though…

Memes allow you to market to and engage with your target audience without force feeding an obvious advertisement down their throat.

Consumers online are becoming savvier when it comes to spotting an ad–and learning to completely ignore them in the process. This is especially true for the Millennial and Gen Z demographic; after all, they grew up with the rapidly growing world wide web. Marketing to a generation with a message that offers nothing more than an offer to sell them something will often receive very low engagement and results.

Memes, however, allow you to use an entertaining and humorous way to attract attention and be rewarded with those likes and shares on social media, which can amplify your message organically. Memes are made for sharing–they’re easy to consume and easy to share and that is what makes them a simple way to help your business audience grow. You are able to experience a high engagement rate using memes because your audience doesn’t feel like they’re commenting on and sharing an advertisement. They’re just sharing something they found funny/interesting/entertaining/useful with their friends.

Memes can help your brand thrive in a way that normally wouldn’t be considered “exciting” on social media.

Not all businesses are automatically an exciting brand to interact with on social media. Take a bank, for example. The only thing exciting there is if the bank is getting robbed… or giving me money for free. Boring business = boring results. But share the right meme, and suddenly you have a whole new audience to engage with your business on social media.

An good example of a typically “boring” brand is Heinz ketchup. Everyone knows and uses ketchup, but do you really want to follow them on social media? To counter this, Heinz launched a meme-focused social media campaign with the goal of generating 1 million impressions. “We created original meme content that played off the “fruit or vegetable” debate and asked the audience to chime in by using hashtags. We were able to 4X the original goal, generating more than four million impressions and 80,000 engagements across Instagram and Facebook,” explains Razvan Romanescu, co-founder of, the company responsible for the Heinz campaign.

That’s four million people talking about ketchup on social media. Heinz found a way to turn their boring business into something that millions of people were talking about through memes. Keep in mind that everyone with a social media account is a potential member of your online marketing team. Getting people to share your content is free advertising for you!

Memes are at an all-time high in popularity, so now would be the time to test out their marketing prospects.

Anyone can make a meme. The website has more than 16 million followers across Facebook and Instagram with their Facebook Messenger bot ranking number one in entertainment. More than 60,000 people are creating/requesting and uploading memes on a daily basis. If that doesn’t indicate the popularity of the meme, then I don’t know what does! And meme-madness has no indication of slowing down.

And while memes are extremely popular right now and can help you connect with your target audience online, there are two things to consider when it comes to finding and creating memes that will deliver results:

1. Don’t try too hard, just be relatable.
Target the most internet-savvy generations, such as the Millennials and Gen Z’ers. You’ll find the most success using memes that keep this demographic in focus. Find a way to be cool without your audience thinking that you’re trying too hard to be cool. Create memes that appeal specifically to your target audience. If you go too side and try to appeal to everyone, you’ll hit a wall.

2. Timing is everything.
To increase your odds of getting likes and shares on your meme, make sure the meme is trending. If you’re using older memes that have already run their course, you’ll appear to be out of touch and that can have a negative impact instead of a positive one.

20180703190744 rollsafe meme

We hope this has made you a bit more meme-savvy and ready to test out the power of the meme on your own social media platforms. Or, if you would rather leave the memeing to us, then feel free to reach out and  for a social media management plan today!

Don’t Let Your Web Development Team Hold Your Website Hostage



It happens more often than it should. You think you’ve gotten yourself a great web developer to work with. Then, you discover that things just aren’t working out as you’d hoped. You decide to change your business to someone else and start a new partnership with a new developer. It’s awkward, but you contact your current developer and ask for the credentials to your social media, website domain and hosting.

Static silence.

After finally getting a hold of them, they flat out refuse to turn over what you request. They know they have you at a disadvantage and there’s really nothing you can do about it… or is there?

This is a sad situation and unfortunately, it’s one that happens quite often. It’s not necessarily your web developer that could end up holding your website hostage — it can be a disgruntled social media manager or the hosting company. And if you’re not very literate in website development, you can easily lose your whole online presence to someone looking to hold you as a client against your will.

What’s really upsetting is when you aren’t prepared for a situation like this. Many companies just put their trust in web design and marketing companies, not realizing they are essentially giving control of their whole company’s web presence to someone who has no connection or loyalty to the company. And when a disreputable marketer, web developer or even your hosting company decides to take your website hostage, you have a problem.

But there’s hope. YOU AREN’T OUT OF OPTIONS!

Though it can be difficult to get control of your content and your data from these types of companies, especially if your company’s name isn’t anywhere to be found on the info, you aren’t SOL. In some cases, you may have to start from scratch with a new domain and a redesigned website. That could be a loss in SEO and a hit in both your wallet and your business’ revenue.

So how can you avoid becoming a hostage? Glad you asked:

  • Know who you’re getting into business with. We can’t stress this enough. Make sure the developer or hosting company have excellent references. Don’t go trusting someone with only a Gmail account. Do your research.
  • Be aware of who controls your website. That means knowing all your credentials to all your web presence: website, social media, email, hosting, domain, etc.
  • Always, always, ALWAYS put everything in your company’s name. Your domain, hosting, social media accounts, even your Google Analytics account. All your info should be in your company’s name only. If you’re not sure whose name is on your domain or hosting account, you can click here to check.
  • Have a backup plan in place. If a hosting company is holding your website hostage, it may be easier to get a new hosting service than fighting a provider. DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!! Get the most recent backup of your website, get it online, then redirect your domain. Although if your domain registrar is the same as the hostage taker, you may have a big problem.
  • Get a contract. Most reputable web companies will have one for you to agree to when you begin service. You can negotiate to make sure that the company is required to provide you with access to your info at the time you request it. This is a reasonable request to make and an honest company will agree to it. Don’t be afraid to make sure your contract includes protections for you and your company; that’s what contracts are there for… protection for everyone involved.
  • Call your lawyer. You may have a lawsuit on your hands.

If you need help with a website hostage situation, the web development team at WebMobileFusion can help you out. Contact us now for more information.

Should my business use traditional or Digital marketing?


There are many forms of marketing and some businesses use different methods to market their small business, but don’t know how effective that form of marketing truly is. I want to share with you the difference between push marketing and attraction marketing with a few subtle changes to your Marketing you can finally start tracking where your money is going for your marketing efforts. So let’s jump in and see how we can quantify if traditional print marketing or digital marketing can turn up the traffic for your local business.

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