LinkedIn Basics & Marketing Strategies

  • Why its so important to create and complete your LinkedIn Personal Page.
  • How to set up your Business Page. No matter if you also have a Facebook Page.
  • The best way to engage your Target Audience on Facebook and get people wanting to connect with your company everyday.
  • Understanding the LinkedIn Infrastructure.
  • Finding your Audience. Customers are looking for you and your Business on LinkedIn.

How To Boost website traffic with SEO Basics
Just a few simple tweaks to your Page can help.

  • What’s the BIG change all about the Google is Implementing in the next few weeks.
  • How to Make your Website stand out in the Search Results, and stand out above others in the industry.
  • How Google My Business is going to help you maximize your efforts for your local Rankings.
  • Why you don’t need to Submit pages to Google anymore.
  • Two tools that can help you determine what people are doing on your website.

Simple Facebook Strategies for Business
Now we are going to open up the vault

  • Tools you can use to help with engagement on your Facebook Page.
  • How to create engaging icons that will deliver you visitors to your new custom tabs while the competition struggles to do the same.
  • My 2 best converting tab icons so you have my personally tested, proven solution.
  • The #1 layout mistake to avoid so that your fans always see your custom tabs.


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