How Digital Marketing & the Spartan Sprint have similarities

When a few guys from Church challenged me to participate in the Spartan Sprint a few years ago now, I don’t think any of us really expected what we got, and for me, how it would relate to Digital Marketing. I know personally speaking I learned so many lessons during that sprint and I want to share a few of them with you. With all of the jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing, rolling, and using muscles that I didn’t know I had helped me clarify a few things that I believe will help you or your Organization with your digital marketing efforts.

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Reviews for your Business are a critical factor to people finding your website

[00:00] – Geek Speak Episode 1 – Reviews

Welcome to Geek Speak with WebMobileFusion. This a segment where every week we’re going to come to you on Wednesdays and we’re going to share with you some tips, some tricks, some things that you could do for your business to help you out, to help you improve your business and just see a little bit on what’s going on behind the scenes.

So you know, today what I want to share with you guys — This looks like a bunch of just garbage that’s going on right behind me, but after I finish explaining this to you, it’ll become a little bit clearer. But one thing that we’re going to focus on today, we’re going to focus on reviews and the review process and how important that is for your business.

Okay. So, let’s just jump on in. Let’s jump on in real quick and let’s just talk a little bit about what this is on the board. So you can see this entire landscape right, and what this is… This is for any business. This is like a blueprint that you can use for your business.

WebMobileFusion is a digital marketing agency where we specialize in websites, SEO, social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, anything digital that helps our customers communicate and attract their customers.

Telling your Brands Story Digitally

So we’re going to start here at the top and really what you need to do at all times is to make sure you’re telling your brand’s story digitally. So how do you tell your brand’s story digitally? Well, there’s one thing that you need to always start off with and right here in this middle section here is your website. So that’s the main focus. That’s the central nervous system of your business because people are going to be searching for you, they’re going to be looking for you and they’re going to be coming to your website. So your website, you need to make sure that for one your website is mobile responsive because right now if you’re not mobile if it’s not responsive — So if you’re not mobile responsive with your website, you are losing the battle already. So that’s one thing. That’s your central nervous system. So make sure that you have your website and that’s mobile responsive, mobile enabled.

Okay. Now here are some other things that are around here, and you know I’m going to go through these things but we’re going to do in future Geek Speak segments, what we’re going to do is we’re going to cover a couple of these things and we’re really just going to dive in deep on one thing today.

So you’ve got your engaging content. So where is this content going to come from? — Because when you put content on your website, you want to make sure that people are sharing it, people are liking it and it’s engaging content that people want to hear. If you’re just sending out blanket stuff or stuff that you’ve seen from other companies and you’re just forwarding out this same stuff…Guess what? That’s boring. Nobody is really going to share that stuff. So you want to have some great stuff. So we’re tying in. You have whitepapers that you can use as lead magnets. So what are lead magnets? Lead magnets are just — They can be videos. They can be PDF documents. They can be whatever you want it to be as long as it’s information that’s going to help out your customer and it’s laser-targeted towards your customer.

What are lead Magnets?

So you have lead magnets, there could be videos. Then you have automated email series that are going to be coming out through that. You also have your blog that’s right here, which is very important. This is where all your content is going to be posted on your blog. That ties into your website as well. Then down here in this corner, we’re going to talk a little bit about Facebook and Facebook Ads, Google Ads. One thing that you guys may not have heard about before – Quora. I know a lot of people, you may not have heard of Quora before, but that’s a topic that we’re going to dive into for your business. So, Quora Ads. Pinterest ads – and I’ll tell you how critical that is for your business. SnapChat – how many businesses are using SnapChat right now? How many businesses are using that effectively?

Then obviously you tie in. Right here is your social media and these are all your social media platforms. Those are the same platforms you know, that I just mentioned. You have your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. You have Quora over there where you’re going to be answering questions and that type of stuff. You’ve got to get Twitter. You have it all. So it’s here that ties into your website as well. Then at the top, we have an email opt-in. So on your main website, you need to make sure that you have an email opt-in so people opt-in to your website, to make sure that you capture their contact information.

Learn more about segmentation

So we’re going to, as we continue to go with these sessions, we’re going to talk a little bit about segmentation. What is segmentation and how do you need to use that for your business? All that is, is breaking people into different buckets, to make sure that they’re getting the information that they want because if you send me — I know for you. If you get a blanket email right, and this blanket email’s just covering all this stuff, you get confused and you know what? What’s the first thing that we do? Delete, because we don’t even want to hear this stuff. I mean it’s just too much stuff going on. So what we’re going to show you over the course of time through these segments, are we’re going to show you how to segment your list so that you’re only sending stuff that’s important to the people that want that information, okay? So segmenting your list.

The next thing here guys that a lot of people are not implementing right now is artificial intelligence. Great! So you’re talking about bots. We’re talking about chatbots on your website. Chatbots enable new methods of lead gen on how to generate leads from chatbots that are on your website. We’re going to show you some tools and some different things around that on what you can use. Then after that, you talk about videos. Videos are critically important. Right now as we know in this landscape, especially for social media, videos are critically important and you want that you add those to your website and then also make sure that they are optimized, SEO optimized, so that when people are searching online, that they can find those videos and then eventually find your website and see how great they are for your business.

Reviews are a ranking factor for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

So the one thing that we’re going to talk about today which is a ranking factor for Google when you talk about SEO; and when I say SEO, that’s Search Engine Optimization, and what that means is on your website, you can do this behind the scenes in the code of your website or if you don’t know how to do that there are some tools and some plug-in’s that you can use, but what we do is we help you optimize your website so people can find you online. Basically, keywords that people are searching for online. So the one factor in SEO is reviews and Facebook has rolled out a couple things. They rolled out what’s called Recommendations for their platform for reviews. So I’m just going to share a little bit about this.

Facebook Recommendations

Okay. So, the new thing with recommendations is you need to make sure that it’s 25 characters. That’s the limit. So if you’re going to recommend a company, right now it’s 25 characters. I know you guys may have seen that manager, in your Facebook pages right now you may have these different templates and Facebook is recommending these different templates. So based on the template, based on what your business is and if you don’t know how to do this, just shoot us something in the chat here and we could answer whatever questions that you have and we make take it offline and then get back to you and respond to that. But you notice Facebook changed some templates around and then based on the templates, it’s going to allow you to now post a photo in your recommendation.

So you have the 25 character limit, and then also there’s something called Tags. So once you start a review for a company, what’s going to happen is you post that review, you post a photo that goes with that and then it’s going to recommend some tags. Now what that does for the business is – and you’re going to be helping out the business as you’re doing this – so what’s going to happen is it allows you now to really specifically say “Okay, what category should this business be listed in?” You know, where should they be listed? So it’s going to give you a bunch of categories which are called tags on Facebook and then you choose that correct tag for the business and then you post that recommendation.

It is great. It is a really great tool. If you have not seen this on your Facebook page already, just go into the settings on your Facebook page and look for recommendations. Make sure that’s turned on. So once that’s turned on, if you are a restaurant, that opens up a lot of things for you. So it depends on what type of business you are. Choose that template that goes along with that. So it allows you now… say for example you’re a restaurant. What happens is it’s going to allow you to write reviews. People can also take orders and they can order on Facebook from this review recommendation area. So it’s going to also share all of your — If you have the ability to book appointments. So you know, people can book appointments directly from Facebook.

So now you can book appointments. People can order food directly from your Facebook page. So look guys, I’m telling you right now, if you have not implemented Facebook recommendations on your Facebook business page, go out there right now today. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are. Choose the correct template or the closest template for your business and then go ahead and start using that and implement it and then all you need to do — There’s also a link that they share with you. You can take that link now and start sharing that out with everybody, okay? You can share that link and then people can come back to your Facebook page and write reviews.

Google Reviews

So in wrapping this segment up today, you have Facebook recommendations. You have Google reviews that people out there are writing reviews of your business daily, all of the time. So you have Google reviews. You have your Facebook reviews. You have what’s out there called local citations and these are like Yelp, FourSquare, you know, all of these different directories that are out there and they are free! So you can go out there and just claim these directories, claim all the local directories that are based on you know, that tie into your business and then all you need to do is optimize those with keywords and videos and photos and all that type of stuff and then all you need to do at that point, is people are going to start finding you online, and when they write those reviews, your pages have been optimized.

So something I want to leave with you guys… Here at WebMobileFusion, we do have a tool. We do have some software that we’re rolling out right now. It’s in beta, so if you want to get in on this beta we’re rolling it out to companies here where we live in Henry County and what this software does – it allows you to gather reviews from all of these local directories. So for example, if somebody comes to your website and they say “Hey. I’m going to give this business a 2-star”, somebody clicks on it and they give you a 2-star rating, what’s going to happen is – it’s going to pop a box up and then that box is going to allow them to put their information in and then once they submit that information, that’s going to come directly to you, the business owner or whoever the marketing person or whomever.

So now that doesn’t go out directly to Google and Facebook and all of the other local directories. You can sort of intercept that. Work with the customer, make sure you resolve whatever that customer’s problems are and then they go back again, write another review, they give you a 4-star. Then it opens it up for them to go over to any of those pages. So if you know, you want to learn a little bit about that, go to, and you can see right now from you page how many people are writing reviews on you. This is totally free. Like I said if you want to take it a step further and you want this software — It’s a really great software that we’re rolling out locally.

Don’t delete your negative reviews – Respond to them

So remember, your reviews are a big ranking factor for your business and you want to make sure. It’s called reputation management. Manage your reputation. It’s so important when you’re out there on the internet. You’ve got some nasty people that are out there. They’re just going to write some nasty reviews, but what I want you to do is I want you to make sure.

Don’t delete it. Make sure you respond to it. So respond to it – negative, positive, whatever it is. A lot of people don’t respond to positive reviews. Respond! People write a review for a reason. So respond to positive reviews, respond to the negative, resolve their problems, get back to them. Your ranking is going to go up. You’re going to see what’s happening.

So we appreciate you guys jumping on with us today for Geek Speak. This is our first Geek Speak! Man, I’m so proud! Let me tell you. I’m ecstatic, I’m beyond myself. So you guys and specifically Danielle and Carly, thank you guys, appreciate you guys. I appreciate you guys for jumping on. We’re going to be doing this every week, so you know tell everybody about it and let them know that we’re going to sharing some great tips. We’re going to be going over all this stuff, all this. So thanks for jumping on. Make sure to go manage your reviews or let somebody else manage them for you. See you guys. Take care.


[15:41] [End]


Our new development in Local Marketing

Hey there,

With each new year comes new challenges and opportunities and it’s up to us to us to either take advantage of them or just leave them alone. I trust that your 2017 was a learning experience for you in marketing your Business or Organization, I know it was for us. We learned a few things that I wanted to share with you.

  1. Voice search is going to be big in 2018, and we are preparing our clients for this.
  2. Video marketing has already exploded, and I think its time we take video seriously and find a way to integrate this into your business in 2018.
  3. Treat all your social channels as separate entities. Don’t post the same thing on each platform, make sure you treat them as individual platforms which they are.

The biggest thing that I learned however in 2017 was that as a whole, the CRM (Customer Relationship Managment software), Lead generation, & Marketing channels are not speaking to each other. There are many gaps in our marketing efforts and we need to find a way to continue to track the customer lifecycle from the time they see our brand to the time they become a lead, and eventually become a customer. We, unfortunately, lose many of our customers along this cycle.

So with that in mind, we have decided that in 2018 our goal is to help 300 customers close this gap by helping you implement marketing automation software. (This is software that can save you as much as a Full-Time employee).

Another announcement we wanted to share was the fact that we are offering a new service that we believe will help to enhance the visibility of your business on the internet, and it costs less than a cup of coffee a day. Well instead of me talking about it, let me show you. Watch this video below;


If you are ready to see how your business stacks up with local reviews you can check it out by going here 

By going to the link above you can see how your business ranks with reviews and if you need any help at all. If you don’t the website will tell you, and you can look at your score rating as seen below;


Thanks for your attention to this email and from my family to yours, Happy New year.


Lincoln Parks

Tools from 2016 that I’m bringing to 2017, You can use them also

In 2016 I wrote a one page PDF about some of the tools that you should use for your website and business if you are running a blog, business, or just having fun online these tools can help you continue to build and grow whatever you are doing and make 2017 your year for success.

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Today I had a great discussion with with a great Business owner that has been in business for almost 20 years and was one of the early adopters of Google Adwords which is on my list for Super Tools that you should be using still in 2017 for your business. This business owner mentioned that back in 1998 when he started using Google Adwords for his business that he was one of the few that was using Google in his industry and he was raking in over 80 qualified leads per day.

However, today Google and their Adwords product has changed tremendously and quite frankly marketers ruin every platform because most marketers are spammers and nowadays don’t ask for permission to do business with you, they just bombard you with information. Also, the more competitive the industry for Google Adwords the more unqualified marketers will bid on a specific keyword. You should think of Google Adwords as an auction for a Keywords and most people just end up driving up the cost for keywords that should not be so high.

So I know your next question is probably well how do I compete with the market if the price is being driven up? Well, you should incorporate a Local / Hyper-Local approach to your Advertising efforts. You should narrow your results using a mile radius around your business, zip code, (your own customer email addresses) or product specific demographic.



Is Google Adwords Worth the investment?

Most people have a general idea of what Google AdWords is, yet few have any idea if it is actually worth the money. If you were to poll those who have conducted a Google AdWords campaign, the majority would say it is worth the investment. Let’s take a look at the merits of this online advertising tool and provide a few tips to help you make the most of its potential.

Is Google Adwords Really Worth the Investment?

If your business uses traditional outbound advertisements, inbound marketing methods, or both, Google AdWords can amplify those efforts. Though it may not be the only way to lure new customers, it can certainly improve the efficacy of existing marketing pushes. Is it worth the cost?

The answer depends on the specific type of keyword campaign. As an example, if your Google AdWords campaign includes popular words like “insurance,” each click might prove costly. Some users have reported each click for a keyword campaign using the word “insurance” costing upwards of $50. Such an advertising campaign poses some risk, as there is no guarantee that the individuals clicking the ad will be converted into paying customers. Some of those who click the ad might not even contact your business for more information. However, those marketers who prepare far in advance for a campaign using the tool will make the most efficient use of their advertising dollars.

Mind the Keywords

Google AdWords has the potential to yield an excellent return on investment if the keywords are carefully selected. If you would rather not pay a high rate per click, figure out the “long-tail” keywords that are not queried at a high frequency. As an example, instead of selecting the costly “automobile insurance” as your keyword phrase, opt for a long-tail keyword such as “car insurance in New York”. Tap into the power of Google’s uber-helpful Keyword Tool and you won’t have a problem determining the best and most economically efficient phrases for your business’s nuanced needs and budget.

Take Advantage of Multiple Campaigns

Google AdWords allows advertisers to simultaneously conduct several different keyword campaigns. These campaigns can target different demographics with unique keywords that are related to your business, its products and services, and its website.

Be Proactive

Your initial campaign might not yield much of a tangible result. Yet those who are proactive will find that a Google AdWords campaign can pay off big-time. Take the initiative to closely monitor your campaign’s results. Perform a thorough review of these results, modify the campaign accordingly and your business will undoubtedly experience an uptick in customer flow.

Reviewing the Google data on a regular basis will provide you with all sorts of critical information regarding your specific ads, the number of web surfers clicking them, and how many of those who have clicked are converted to a purchase or signup. Do not be intimidated by the detail or quantity of data. Spend a little time with the platform and you will quickly understand that slightly altering keywords can drastically increase the number of visitors to your website.

Take a Chance

In the end, the impact of Google AdWords is ultimately determined by how you use it. Give it a legitimate chance and your bottom line will likely reap the reward.

10 Things to Know Before Embarking on Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective method for generating leads and boosting sales. But it’s not as simple as blasting the same message to hundreds of random email addresses. It takes thought, thorough planning, and a smart strategy.

Email Marketing Facts and Stats

Before you can begin your email marketing campaign, you need to have a firm grasp on why you’re doing it and how to be effective. To that end, here are 10 things that are good to know before you embark on this journey.

  1. Email was found to be the most effective digital marketing strategy in 2014. Even with social media booming, people still value email as an effective B2C and B2B communication method.
  2. Getting permission to send emails is crucial for avoiding the spam folder. Do this with an opt-in program.
  3. Offering something of value in exchange for email addresses is much more successful than simply asking people to sign up for your newsletter.
  4. Half of people questioned responded that they read the majority of emails they receive. This goes to show there is still value in email marketing.
  5. Most emails are read on mobile devices. This means your formatting and design must be mobile-friendly. If your messages aren’t easily read on tablets and smart phones, then they’re likely to be deleted.
  6. Click-through-rates (CTR) are found to be higher when the recipient’s first name is used in the subject line. It adds a personal touch to the email and makes it appear less like spam.
  7. Most people prefer to open messages that contain intriguing or fun images, instead of text only. This small touch can make a huge difference in the success of your campaign.
  8. Of all the days of the week, Saturday has the highest CTR. Automation has made it possible to schedule emails in advance – meaning you can reach your audience during this prime time without having to actually work on a weekend.
  9. Targeting matters. Today’s consumer is sophisticated. He or she quickly filters through messages that hold nothing of value. Customizing emails for your audience according to their individual needs and desires is the best way to get a positive ROI.
  10. Consistency is key. The trick to a successful email campaign is sending continuous messages (all relevant and useful, so as to avoid spamming) to your audience at each step of the buying cycle. Top-of-mind awareness is just as important as ever.

Making Email Marketing Work for You

With these useful facts serving as your road map, you’re ready to embrace email marketing and begin your adventure. Just remember, anything worth doing takes a little time and a lot of effort. You may need to try a few different strategies before finding one that resonates with the target audience in your particular niche.

At WebMobileFusion, we know all about creating email campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your readers – and on your bottom line. Reach out to us today to learn how we can make email marketing work for your business.

Is Your Local Business Using Online Local Marketing?

Local Online Marketing

3 Reasons your Business Should be using Online Local Marketing in 2015

All over the country we look at how some small businesses are conducting their local marketing, and we have to wonder if they are thinking at all about their online Marketing strategy. Display ads in a coupon book or billboards are increasingly becoming a waste of time and money according to Marketing professionals. When was the last time you grabbed the Yellow Pages in search of a local business? It just doesn’t happen anymore.

If you want to make your local marketing efforts effective you must be online and you must be mobile friendly. As more and more consumers turn to their mobile devices when they are about to make a buying decision you need to make sure they can find you.

There are endless reason why your business should be online but I will give you three of the main ones here.

1. It’s A Mobile World

As stated before consumers are conducting searches on their mobile devices before they make a decision on which business to patronize. In a recent study Google they found that a whopping 72% of consumers who conduct a search for a business on their smartphones will visit a location within five miles of them. Let that sink in for a second.

While you are you are mulling that over you should also consider this; according to Pew Research 58% of all adults in America now have a smartphone and that number will continue to grow. If your local marketing efforts are not centered around mobile then you are sowing the seeds of your own destruction.

2. Google Loves It

Another reason you should be online is the fact that Google wields so much power when it comes to commerce. If you do not show up in a Google search then it is like you don’t exist. I cannot begin to tell you about the number of great local businesses that I have come across that do not have any online presence. They needlessly struggle to stay open when they could easily (and inexpensively) market online and compete with the national chains.

Google rules Internet search so it makes sense to market yourself to get their attention. With a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, social signals and solid content any small business can compete online with big boys.

3. It Builds Trust

When done correctly online marketing can build trust with consumers like no other form of marketing can. I’m not just talking about getting likes on Facebook or getting retweets. What I am describing is actual engagement between your business and your customers.

One of the most effective ways to do this is solving their problems and answering their questions. By supplying them with valuable, relevant content you can easily position your business as a trusted voice in your industry. By finding out what your customers most pressing concerns and questions are you can then create content that will answer those concerns and questions and then nurture them along the buying process. Once they are ready to buy you will be their first choice because you took the time to build trust and didn’t just spam them with sales pitch after sales pitch.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with these last words; local marketing has changed for good and it will never be like it was. And that’s a good thing. If you embrace online marketing your business will continue to thrive and your success will be unlimited.

Question: What are you doing for your Business online?

How to develop a Local Marketing Strategy

For your business to succeed today it’s crucial you develop a plan for online local marketing. Today many people are using the internet for locating local businesses to serve their needs. This means that if you haven’t been working on your local marketing you’re missing out on income and not getting your share of the market.

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