Webmobilefusion – Search Engine Optimization pt 2 of 3

In today’s video we are going to dive a bit deeper into the SEO (search engine optimization) tactics that you can implement immediately for your business. If you are not a customer of WebMobileFusion, you will need to hire a developer or coder that knows the specific details of working inside a website.

Today’s content

1. Identify your Youtube video presence on Google.com

2. Register a Domain Name at Godaddy.com

3. Build your website (Add-on domain, WordPress, Theme, Plugins) Akismet, Google XML sitemap, redirection, WP Sticky, WP Super Cache, All in one SEO Pack

4. Create your High Quality Content

5. Post your Articles (300+ words min, more tage, image, video, satisfuing the need, Keyword in Title, description and keyword tags, avoid ads on content)

If you are already a customer of WebMobileFusion, we are handling all of this for you on the backend. If you would like to become a customer of WebMobileFusion, just give us a call at 678-561-3185 or email us at info@webmobilefusion.com


Download the Cheat Sheet. Click on the Image Below.

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