Marketing with Billboards (Retargeting) Pt2


Digital Billboards, as we like to call them, are becoming increasingly popular all over the Internet for Small, Medium and Large scale Businesses. The key to using, “Retargeting”, which is the real name for your Business, is by determining who is your Target Audience and what message are you trying to get across to them. If your Business is one where you need visibility for your potential customers to buy a product or just to keep you relevant in their eyes, and you will want to look into Retargeting Ads for your business. Now lets see how this works in 4 simple steps.

Since this is fairly new Technology, that is becoming even more increasingly popular, you are going to want to know how this works and how it can help your Business increase quality leads. Let me first explain how this works;

4 Steps for Retargeting

  1. You create a display Ad campaign and someone clicks on your Ad because they are interested in your Business. However, for some reason they don’t decide to buy, lets just say the phone rang or the dog was barking and they needed to pay attention to that instead of calling or buying from you. Now they leave your website and go tend to those details.
  2. In this next step the customer now comes back to their computer and browses all over the Internet but lose sight of your website and your business. In a normal world they are gone for good and may never visit your website again unfortunately. However, you have implemented Retargeting either via Facebook or Google and look what happens in step #3.
  3. Now your Ad is served to your target customer directly in their Timeline on Google or in their Browser search on Google and guess who its going to display? Your Business, Your Ad, and the product or service they were actually looking for from your Business. Now you gain instant credibility in their eyes because you are automatically showing up everywhere.
  4. Now this is the part that you will ultimately love and that is where the customer sees your Ad over and over again in their browser and on Facebook and they click on your ad because they know that they have visited your website, and they like what you have to offer.

This ultimately leads to sales in your business and credibility when it comes to Online Marketing for your business. If you are looking to really expand your reach when it comes to your Business and who you are targeting, you want to make sure that you follow this simple, 4 step process, to building your business online.

In next week’s post we are going to discuss how those customers will eventually buy from you and how you can capture their email and phone number in order to do business with them over and over again, making you the authority in your niche, in their eyes.