My thoughts on 2017, in Spirituality, Family, & Marketing a Business

My thoughts on 2017, in Spirituality, Family, & Marketing a Business

In 2017 I  learned so many things that have helped me to grow in my spiritual walk, as a husband, father and Business owner and I want to share with you a few of the things that I picked up in 2016 that will help lead both you and I in 2017.

Ok, now I’m just being honest here, I’ve failed so many times its ridiculous and quite frankly I’ve become accustomed to loosing, but because of my faith I always end up winning in some capacity of unexplainable proportions and it just continues to baffle me. When I evaluate all aspects of my life I have to give thanks.

What I learned in my faith:

I learned that I don’t know much about Jesus, and that I need to get closer to him. The book our small group is reading now called “Follow Me” by David Platt, is showing me that I have not really been following Jesus, but I have been proclaiming his name, but have not necessarily been discipling anyone to know more about Jesus.My thoughts on 2017, in Spirituality, Family, & Marketing a Business

In the Bible it says that many will call on him and say father, father but I called out your name, and he will say I never knew you. I honestly don’t want that to be me, so my intention this year is to make sure that I tell more people about my belief in Jesus. If you are still reading this, you are most likely saying that this is a different kind of blog, its supposed to be about Marketing & Business, but I feel that I need to express my faith publicly so nobody has any doubt who my Lord and savior is.

What I learned about me and Family:

I learned that I had been letting others dictate my time because I was always on for them when they needed me. So when I would be playing with my daughter and someone sent an email looking for me to respond, I did immediately and it truly hurt my daughter knowing that Daddy was always on, and never took a real moment to spend with her.

With a now 11 year old daughter she is quickly approaching those years where independence kicks in and they don’t really need us for much except to guide them through the years where they believe they know it all. So in 2017, I am going to have a cut-off time and let people know that I won’t always be on, because I won’t be accessible 24/7 to my work, but 24/7 to my family. This time is so precious and I need to spend as much quality time with her before the time is gone.

My mentor informed me that I needed to take time with Just my wife, Just my kids, and all together and be intentional about it. Well, that is what I intend to do.

What I learned about Building my Business:

In the area of Business I learned that if you don’t respect your business enough others surely won’t do it for you. I learned that hiring can be tough, but when you get it right, with the right people, it just clicked. I made some great hires this year and I’ve made some lifelong friendships because of those hires.

Building a business is not easy in this day and age, but it is so rewarding. I love being able to choose the clients I want to work with, and fire those that want to use your talents and not pay. I’ve had my share of companies last year that just benefited from our hard work and dedication and never paid us a dime. I could have been really mean, but I decided to let the chips fall where they may.

I learned that being always being intentional for our clients and listening to their wants and needs and delivering those results are critical. Allot of our clients grow with us and believe in the services that we are offering. When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many options and many customers are doing it wrong, because someone sold them some Buzz words. One thing that I can pride myself on is that if you do Business with WebMobileFusion and you give us a solid 12 months to prove our expertise, your Business will grow exponentially and we will give you concrete numbers to show your return on investment.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, I have been blessed in 2016 and I know that God will continue to direct every action that I make. I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds because I know the future is bright.

Question: What expectations do you have for 2017 in these areas of your life? What are you doing about it?