How to develop a Local Marketing Strategy

For your business to succeed today it’s crucial you develop a plan for online local marketing. Today many people are using the internet for locating local businesses to serve their needs. This means that if you haven’t been working on your local marketing you’re missing out on income and not getting your share of the market.

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Search Engine Optimization Pt 3 of 3

In our Final installment of Search Engine Optimization I share a quick tool that you can use to sneak a peak at what your competitors are doing and who they are linking to. Shhhh.. Don’t let them know you know this. If you are looking to rank at the top of the search engines for specific keywords there are many factors that go into you ranking and this tool helps.

Quick Tip Tuesday (Search Engine Optimization Pt 1 of 3)

Search Engine Optimization in the Local Market

Search Engine Optimization can leave many customers cringing their faces with their eyes rolled to the back of their heads. That is only because of the tricks and black hat tactics that most Agencies try to rank websites on the search engines. Read more

Should my business use traditional or Digital marketing?


There are many forms of marketing and some businesses use different methods to market their small business, but don’t know how effective that form of marketing truly is. I want to share with you the difference between push marketing and attraction marketing with a few subtle changes to your Marketing you can finally start tracking where your money is going for your marketing efforts. So let’s jump in and see how we can quantify if traditional print marketing or digital marketing can turn up the traffic for your local business.

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Can you get Instant Results via SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

When you look at Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your business and someone tells you that its going to be instant, please run the other way immediately because that is so far from the truth. Many Business owners are sucked into the fact that the marketing individual will promise them the world and then run for the hills after they are paid. As a matter of fact, many business owners are emailed, called, texted, or visited in person by someone claiming to help them get on the search engine rankings immediately.

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Engage and Be Different

How can your business stand out from the crowd. In Marketing you must be remembered by the things you do and what you say and how others perceive you. So I did something a bit different today with my 30 second Elevator pitch concerning my business. So the message for you today is to Be Different. Be Authentic and connect with others on a daily basis so that in the future they will remember and either recommend you or use you.