Mobile Technology for Churches – Are you taking advantage?

How many Churches do you know in this day and age that are taking mobile marketing seriously? Not many, and many have not even thought of a mobile strategy.

Too many times Churches and Organizations are skeptical and very cautious to take the next step into the unknown. So we are going to help you break down the Myths, clearly think of a strategy and give you some costing guidelines around Mobile.

So does your Church have a Mobile Strategy?

Mobile Technology for Churches - Are you taking advantage?

Are you trying to make sense of it all with the Text (SMS) marketing, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Commerce? Do you have a credible source that you can rely on that will give you the pertinent details on what direction you should go in? Well if you are going to make a splash in the Mobile marketplace you better start seriously thinking about that as we speak. Is your church moving away from printed materials like Bulletins, Sermon Notes, etc? Now you can offer these directly on your mobile Application that will allow any Church or organization to reach their congregation, and keep them informed as to what is going on. Just imagine if someone new comes into the congregation and they are embarrassed to stand up or ask someone to pray with them. Now you can have them download your mobile app, and choose to have someone contact them privately? There are many uses for mobile in your organization, but you just need to know how to put a marketing plan together. Let’s say that Pastor would like to share his sermon notes with the congregation along with daily scripture lessons. He can have the congregation text Church to 55655 and that individual will be added to a mobile marketing list and your Pastor or his assistant can send out brief little text messages daily to inspire the congregation. service-media-webmobilefusion What about a mobile App? Have you thought about having an App developed that can keep all of your content in the palm of your congregations hands? Mobile Apps are a way to keep your message contained in the organization and also share videos, sermon notes, information about services and the church itself and to help share blogs and send push notifications. How about Mobile Commerce do you know what that is? Now anyone from your church can signup to Give via your mobile app or the mobile web from their phones. With the invent of the Bible by YouVersion you can read the bible in the palm of your hand. Did you also know that you can have live sermon notes? Imagine if you could have Church members make their monthly, weekly or one time donations to the Church via their mobile device? Introducing Mobile Commerce or Text to give which is already built into many systems. If your Organization is not taking advantage of this trend that is happening all over the globe you are missing out on some golden opportunities to connect with church members that visit your church location. This will allow you to keep them engaged in your messages and also send out timely information for community involvement. Don’t allow mobile Commerce, Mobile Websites and Apps, to pass you by and leave your Congregation wanting more.     Does this information have you thinking how you can expand your Churches reach with Mobile?  

Mobile Technology for Churches - Are you taking advantage?