Two things you should include in your Marketing Messages

There are two important things that you should always include in your Marketing messages before you send them out. If you don’t have these two pieces of information you will most likely not get much or any at all return on Investment.

Today I want to cover with you what CTA (Call to Action)  is and also making sure that you track your marketing messages. Let me ask you a question, do you include a call to action in your Marketing pieces when you send them out or do you just send them out hoping to get someone to bite on them? Well, if you are doing that I want you to tweak what you are doing just a bit so that you can gain more market share when you send out your marketing pieces.

Marketing Messages

  1. CTA – A CTA is a call to action and should be included in all of your Marketing messages. Even if you are using print advertising you are wanting your customers to do something, but if you don’t have compelling content they will never follow through.
  2. Stats Tracking – Its imperative that you track your marketing messages when you send them out to the masses because how else are you going to track the success of your marketing pieces? If you are not on top of who reads what, and how they get on your list, or what parts of your website clients are being attracted two then you need to make a few changes in the way you track your marketing pieces.

Here are a few items you can use to track with;

  1. Google Analytics.
  2. Crazy Egg

If you are not including these simple things in your Marketing message you will want to make sure you hire a developer or an Agency to walk you through making the right decisions on your marketing pieces and setting up the proper tracking so that you can track adequately.