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When trying to decide on a new website design for your company you should make sure that you have the following details already in mind. Many Entrepreneurs feel that their web presence is important but don’t spend as much time in front of the mirror to determine their look and feel online. Remember, you online presence speaks volumes about you as a company. You should treat it that way.

  1. A responsive design – The big thing now that you need to focus on when having someone design your new website is making sure that it looks great on a Mobile device. Make sure the designer that you hire knows about Mobile responsive design.
  2. A manageable CMS – What is a CMS you ask? Well its a content management system that allows you the Business owner or your Webmaster to maintain your website.
  3. Convert leads to customers – On your website you want to make sure that you have multiple areas where you can convert your leads from being customers. How are you going to accomplish that?
  4. Web Hosting – This is critical to your website design project because you want to make sure that you website is hosted on a platform that is stable and does not need frequent maintenance.
  5. Content / Images – Your content images are critically important to your website because its what makes your website attractive and pull in the right people searching for you online. Content is King..

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