Should my business use traditional or Digital marketing?


There are many forms of marketing and some businesses use different methods to market their small business, but don’t know how effective that form of marketing truly is. I want to share with you the difference between push marketing and attraction marketing with a few subtle changes to your Marketing you can finally start tracking where your money is going for your marketing efforts. So let’s jump in and see how we can quantify if traditional print marketing or digital marketing can turn up the traffic for your local business.

How many times do you see the person on the street corner with the sign doing flips, dances and trying to get people to go into their establishment? I know in my local area 35 miles south of Atlanta, I see it allot nowadays. Well, it’s not because it does not work its because its a fad that others copy because it looks FUN! Seriously I can’t tell you if this form of marketing works, but I do know it can be rather expensive and you can’t track it.

I would like to share a few things about each type of Marketing or digital marketing avenues for local and small businesses.

How do you track Offline Advertising?

It’s very difficult to do. Are you depending on your customers to come into your establishment and tell you that they were driving pass your billboard and saw the sign dancer outside and decided to come inside and shop with you? It happens, but how likely is that to happen every single time so that you can track your cost for Advertising.

How much does this marketing method cost?

Now when you look at the cost of Push marketing as we are seeing in the picture to the left, How much are you paying that person to stand and dance out there all day long? (most for 8 hrs or so), let’s say about $5 per hour or more (minimum wage) so you are out of $40 per day for this type of marketing and yet you still have not really brought in any traffic. So why keep doing it day after day after day expecting some different results? It’s because as Business owners and Entrepreneurs we try so hard to make our businesses successful that we are going to try anything to make it work.

However, when it comes to your marketing you need to make sure that you are effectively tracking the cost, and if its actually converting to customers. Now let me share with you a method that may Interest you some.

Have you heard of Digital Marketing?

This is where you attract potential clients to you buy from you by sharing valuable content that your potential client wants to consume that helps them solve a problem or issue they are experiencing and that your product or service can solve. You should be giving away your best content, so your potential customers can gain valuable insight into their problem, and a solution that helps them take the next step.

Have you ever seen a digital marketing roadmap like this before?

Digital Marketing Campaign


Do you think that this is the same as the person waving the sign on the street corner? Let me tell you some differences between the two. With this form of digital marketing, you are connecting with an audience that has already liked your facebook page, or engaged with you online by visiting your website. Imagine if you create an Ad that shares your product or service that is shared, liked and clicked among friends? Who do you turn to when you are looking for a great Restaurant for Dinner? Or a Quick local drink or

Imagine if you created a facebook ad that shares your product or service, provide a solution to a problem, and it’s then shared, liked and commented on among friends of friends? Who do you turn to when you are looking for a great Restaurant for Dinner? Or a quick local drink or

  1. Who do you turn to when you are looking for a great Restaurant for Dinner?
  2. How about a quick local drink or tasty treat?Your friends right?So why would you not market directly to people that would consume your product or service?

This is a form of digital marketing

As an Entrepreneur or future Entrepreneur you should keep your marketing dollars low until you know it works, and after extensively testing which digital marketing platforms will work for you. This works because on FaceBook and LinkedIn, you can test out and ad like this for only $5 per day. Now imagine how many people will see your ad if you target the specific people that you want to target, and not just everyone on the street corner?

Now with digital marketing, you can zero in on your target audience, right down to who you want to put your information in front of, don’t you think that would be a bit more cost effective? Now if you start your local marketing efforts at a low cost like $5 per day, you could see how well or poorly it converts and track the results via Facebook, Linkedin, Google Analytics and other tracking software to determine your ROI.

Digital Marketing is very involved, but also very easy to get involved as a small business owner. As long as you had some to have someone that knows what they are doing because you can also create campaigns that cost you money if you are not doing the simple things like proper keyword research, Tracking where your customers are going via your Website and capturing Leads via Social media. It’s vitally important to your success as a Business owner that in 2016 you make an effort to start marketing SMART and effectively.

 Question: What form of  Digital Marketing or Advertising is working for you now?